Meghan and Mark: An Engagement Story

               After a bit of a blogging hiatus the ACE team is back to sharing another amazing love story.  We'd like to introduce you to our clients and Meghan and Mark. This couples love story is something special and I'm honored that I have the pleasure of sharing it with you.  This year marks TEN years, the couple have been together, and I’m not talking on and off… but uninterrupted love for a decade.
            The story of Meghan and Mark begins the summer Meghan turned 16 and began babysitting for her nephew, while her sister was a teaching summer school.  Many times she would end up staying with her sister rather than driving home and one afternoon Meghan decided to go on a bike around the neighborhood.  It was during this bike ride that Meghan met Mark. After spending much of the following week together Mark invited Meghan on their first date to Joe's Crab Shack. The rest, as we say, is history...

            They dated all throughout High School and attended College together, soon to become engaged on Oct.6th 2010 during their trip to Hawaii.  Mark proposed at the top of Diamond Head in Waikiki (making that day the happiest day of Meghan’s life).  What a perfect way for two beach lovers to decide to spend the rest of their life together. So Perfect!

Below are a few images from their Virginia Engagement Session from the always amazing Hayne Photographers: 

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