Monday Meeting: Trivium Studio

Monday Meeting with James Christianson and Trey Tesoro of Trivium Studio. 

Trivium Studio gets it's name, Trivium, from the point where three paths cross. At Trivium Studio it is the intersection of the visions of James, Trey, and their clients. Trivium Studio is relatively new, although its photographers are not novices. James Christianson and Trey Tesoro both had their own photography "brands" before deciding about 18 months ago to merge and create Trivium Studio. James and Trey's style complement each other so well and they truly are a breath of fresh air in the wedding market.

AC: How did you get your start in photography? 
TS: I (James) took photography in high school, and really enjoyed it. I continued photography throughout the years sporadically and when I meant Trey we both loved photography and our passion grew into our business. We had our own independent brands but we always shot together; however, about 18 months ago Trey and I decided to merge our brands together as one.

AC: What's your favorite moment to capture at a wedding?
TS: There are too many to list. Trey really loves to capture when the groom first sees the bride, while I love capturing the first dance in addition to any one on one moments between the bride and groom. Especially the moment before the bride walks down the aisle- her anticipation! There really are too many to list!

AC: How would you classify your style?
TS: I'd have to say a fusion of all styles. We pride ourselves on capturing real moments as they are happening. Of course we'll take the traditional style pictures, but what we love and are known for is our ability to capture emotion in the moment in a timeless manner. 

AC: What advice do you have for a bride and groom looking for the right photographer?
TS: Choose someone that you truly have a connection with. You want to love their style but you want to feel comfortable with them through the process and on the big day. You have to remember to choose what you like, not what others around you like because they are your wedding pictures. Take engagement pictures with your photographer--that way if you don't like them or if you don't fit their style you aren't stuck with them on your wedding day. All you have after the wedding are the images, so make sure you are going to love them without settling.

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