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WOW! the ACE Family is growing! No, No...not me but many of our former clients, now dear friends (or dear friends that became clients). I have received so many phone calls, texts and emails in the last few months about so many new babies that I wanted to share the news with all of you!

First: We'll start with those who have recently had babies. My 2 M's, Mel and Molly, My 2 best friends, both had babies in the end of 2010.

Nicole and CJ got married in 2009 as well...and welcomed baby Addison just this week! she's beautiful! 

Next! It's Meg and Jon! If you've been to my studio you've seen this life size image on my wall...and she's also the daughter to amazing florist Debbie Pence of Fluttering Flowers (and my Melanie's sister). Congrats Guys! Can't wait to meet baby Spears! 

Jason and Tanya got married in October 2009 and will be welcoming a baby in September. They are great with their nieces and nephews, so I can't wait to see them with their own sweet baby.
 We also run in the same circle of Meehans', So glad you are adding to our baby craziness! 

We just heard the news about this great couple yesterday...Cass and Jason are welcoming a baby girl in August! Congratulations guys! 

This is one of my all time favorite wedding images and clients. Hannah and Stefan got married in October of 2008 at the Lesner Inn and were truly a blast to get to know. We love running into them from time to time and wish them much luck as parents.

Another Great ACE Client: Natalia and Joe got married in May 2009 at the Half Moone Cruise and Celebration Center. They will be welcoming their bundle of joy in September and are excited to give their daughter Kylie a little sister. 

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