Workout Wednesday: 5 Attainable Tips for the New YOU

Last week we introduced you to our friend and fitness guru Lacey Lee.. and today she is back with her first weekly post. Lacey is widely known in the Hampton Roads Area as a expert in her field...a great tie to our wedding world and a true gem. She offers in home training, group training sessions and teaches many classes throughout the week. Cheers to a great first post! Next week she'll talk to us about her bridal bootcamp.

No matter where you are… a healthy lifestyle is around you.  I Promise.  You just have to want it and more importantly know how/where to find it and what to do once your there.  Remember, it’s not just a workout or doing the latest diet… is a lifestyle.

You cannot turn on the T.V or look through a magazine rack without hearing about the latest diet and fitness craze.  It can all be so very overwhelming.  Not to worry, I am here to provide you with my top 5 ways to successfully adapt a healthy lifestyle.

First, in order to see/feel a change, you must make a change.   You cannot expect change if change does not occur.  You must be willing to make an effort.  If you want to lose weight, gain muscle or just eat healthier.  Ask yourself one thing.  “Am I willing to do what it takes to make it happen?” Your thoughts must turn into actions.  You need to stop saying you are going to do it…..and do it! 

Second, don’t change everything all at once.  Adapting a healthier lifestyle is all about changing habits.  If you want to become more active AND eat healthier…pick one.  Changing your lifestyle all at once is a recipe for disaster.  Set realistic and attainable short-term goals.  If you continue to set the same goal over and over again without success, set a different goal. 

Third, educate yourself.  Unfortunately, media has saturated our minds.  What to eat, what not to eat.  Gain muscle this way….Do this workout, that workout.  Your healthy lifestyle is all about you. Everyone’s lifestyle is different.   Everybody’s body is different.  One way of eating may work for your friend but not necessarily for you.  Your co-workers workout regimen may be for his/her goals but not yours.  In order to successfully adapt a healthy lifestyle, you must do what is enjoyable to you.  You must eat foods that you enjoy.  Find exercises that you enjoy.  There is something out there for everyone.  You just have to look for it.  If you do anything that is not enjoyable, inconvenient, dreadful….you will not continue to do it.  Ask questions that specifically pertain to your goals.   To ensure you have the correct answers to your questions, turn to a fitness professional or the Internet. 

Fourth, have a support system.  Your support can come from work, home and/or at a fitness club.  Without the proper support, these changes will become more challenging as time goes on.  Find a friend/co-worker that wants the same “changes” or has the same goals as you.  Surround yourself with like-mind people.  You will not only motivate each other but hold each other accountable.  Set a pack each week that you cannot break.  Set rewards each week when your weekly goals have been achieved. 

Fifth, don’t be so hard on yourself.  Everyone falls off the wagon at some point and in some way.  Remind yourself, you are human.  You will have a bad “eating” day and/or meal.  If you become derailed in your workout regimens, get back on track.  Focus on each day as it comes without dwelling on the past.

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