Hot Colors for Summer

We are always looking for a fresh color idea for weddings, so here is our pick for a crisp, clean summer wedding: Yellow and Blue! We love the concept of a beautiful blue with fun yellow accents. This color combination is great for any type of vibe you would like to give off at your event. We can envision using these colors outdoors by the water or for a more formal look, inside at a museum. The colors are a very classy and elegant choice that can really capture guests attention for your entire event. Throw in little details really capture  the essence of you and your groom and you are sure to have a wedding that is the talk of the town.

Image: The Knot, Josh Meridith, Bella Grace Studios

Image: The Knot, Henry Photography
Image: The Knot, Jen Fariello Photography

Image: The Knot, Mike Kehr Photography

Image: The Knot, Becky Young Photography

Images from GreenWeddingShoes: Photographer: Chenin Boutwell

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