Brandon and Nikki

It is always an honor to help plan events for old friends. Currently I am in the process of working with 2 such great people on their upcoming wedding plans. The planning process is even better when you really enjoy their significant others.

One of these couples are Brandon and Nikki...I met Brandon years ago in High School and grew to love him and his family. After High School we actually ended up working together for a few years and have continued to randomly run in to each other and kept in touch. When I found out about his engagement to such a great girl I couldn't wait to see him again...

Brandon and Nikki are a great and obviously in love. Nikki and I had the opportunity to spend the day together while taking care of some very important planning decisions for their upcoming nuptials...Who is going to have the great opportunity to create the hair and makeup design for this upcoming April Wedding? Nikki had recommended a hair designer that she had seen at a fashion show a while back named Emily Painter. It just so happened that Nikki unknowingly chose my personal hair stylist who always does an amazing job. And like always....Emily did a great job and all day Nikki kept saying how much she loved her hair!

After our hair trial I took Nikki to the acclaimed Salon Vivace to work with makeup artist Erin Nichols...another personal favorite. Erin was in the middle of a very busy saturday when she took the time out to work with us on creating Nikki's makeup design. She did a great job and Nikki looked awesome!

We finished out our day at All the Rage for her first wedding gown fitting. As always, Ashley Neronski and her staff really made Nikki feel special and made sure that even with their busy store she was an obvious priority. Her dress looked fantastic and we could really get the feel of how beautiful Nikki was going to look for this upcoming April Wedding.

You know your client looks great when the other customers in the bridal shop take pictures of her as she walks by.

I definitely can't wait to see this bride walk down the aisle!

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